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The lord of the world (the first pictorial reconstructional project of Antropark, 1998)


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Acheulean (old Paleolithic age)            

Am I on the right place, the old Paleolithic age?

Yes, you are on the right place, the old Paleolithic age, one hundred thousands to more than million and a half years ago.


And what is the name of this camp?


This is the camp of people of Bilzingsleben in Germany. This is a camp of hunters who hunts the elephants, the dears, the bison, the horses and another kind of animals.  


Big animals were hunted by throwing the spear.


Most of the hunters, in the animal kingdom, hunt by fighting, were the hunter can be injured or even killed.


There exists also such an entity, who protects him selves or they hunt on the distance and they keep back alone in the secure place.



And here belongs also the human, who range between this rare contact less hunters-predators. The adults cannot afford any injuries or serious risks during the hunt, because we children, we grow very slowly and they have to take care of us and learn us for a long time.



The winter in Bilzingsleben was humid and short, the inventory of crop and meet did not need to be even big.



To lace together two leathers was enough to have wider belt or we can softly belting with a help of wood sticks and slight belt. Thereof, that we know how to do delicate and minor articles, the archeologists know, because they found our dressed stone's tools in the size of the nail.


The Archeologists also found the series of the parallel custs in the bounces, which show, that the custs for the belting didn't do any problems for these people. Some of the flat bounces show the cuts, it means they used them as a working support.



And what kind of camps is this?
-This is the camp on the Stranska rock, in Moravia. One of the oldest settlements in the Europe.



So if the people wanted to live here, they had to figure out, how to make a fire, for certain. They proved it with the help of little piece of cane inset to the rubbing stick and tinder, always embedded in the dry and waterproof box.



To this human, the radial structure of the bounce remembered some situation or some thing and he emphasized it with another fan-shape cut. This bounce is a proof as a typical human behavior, wich is the oldest object in the whole world.


And now I will show you, which animals were living in the Europe:


the rabbit, the fox,

the bison, wildcat,

the bear,

 the wolf,


the rhinoceros,

the jungle elephant,

the beaver, the badger,

the duck, the goose, Terek Sandpipe,

the heron, the stork, the eagle,

the deer, 

the big horse.


Now I would like to invite you to see our oldest sailors.



850 thousands years ago, the people has been visiting the dragon island Flores very often, 19 km far away from the continent.


And those sailors are another three hundred thouands years older. Milion two hundred thousands years ago, the habitants of the north shore of Africa went to colonize the Pyrenees peninsula. At this moment, they point through the Gibraltar channel, full of the fast spouts.


And where the people have got the know how and the ability?

Why all of the apes as a little were already learning so long and hard to knit the nest on the trees, so they would hold them secure and comfortable. The human didn' need to build the nest many times a day, so he could take advantage of the time and use it for his personal needs.



The people were able to protect themselves against the rain with the same efficiency as the orangutans.



And now, I will say you good-bye, but before I will leave, I'll show you the portrait of the oldest boy, Homo erectus, therefore the oldest veritable human from Africa, one million and a half years old. This 12-years old boy was slim and tall the same as someone of you.



The habilis. This entity very similar to the human lived in Africa 2 milions years ago and early, the scintists adjudged him incorrectly the name Homo. They believed, that only a human could produce tools.


But the work of the stone tools can do also today's chimpanzees.


Scientists named the oldest bipedal entity similar to the oldest human being as an Australopithecus. 


Laetoli in the east Africa, three and a half milions years ago.


Here in the eruptive ash, stayed two beatiful prints of Australopithecus.

Ask your teacher, in the museum or in the library, where was the closest oldest Paleolithic's camp and make there a trip with your friends, your class or with your parents.

Don't forget to e-mail us, where you can write us, how did you like the guides, if the trails were well marking, if you didn't need to looking for the marking to long, what kind of feeling you have had when you were on the locations of the prehistoric people. Write us, where  was the closest restaurant, the kiosk with the souvenirs and the postcards relative to landmark. We are welcoming all of your photographs and the most interesting stories we will publicize with a pleasure.   




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The lord of the world (the first pictorial reconstructional project of Antropark, 1998)


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